Colombia 15 Days

Day 1-2 – Bogota

Spend your first couple of days acclimatizing and relaxing after your flight in the nation’s capital. Here you can enjoy a variety of cultural events: check local listings for any theater or music events, and enjoy the multitude of museums celebrating Colombia’s diverse cultural history: particular favourites include the National Museum, Gold Museum and Botero Museum.


Day 3-5 – San Agustin

Make your way south of Bogota to San Agustin in Huila Department; the home of incredible pre-Columbian relics, including the huge stone figures that made UNESCO designate the area a World Heritage Site. You can take a stroll around the main park area, or hire horses to ride into the hills to access tombs that cannot be reached on foot.


Day 6-8 – Medellin

San Agustin is a little out-of-the-way, so your journey back north to Medellin might be a little tiresome, but you won’t be disappointed once you arrive: it’s a bustling, metropolitan city on the rise. Check out the juxtaposition between traditional architecture and history, with the city’s new face as a powerhouse of innovation. Modern history is being created here!


Day 9-10 – Cartagena

From the green hills of Medellin to the Jewel of the Indies: Cartagena is a culture-vulture’s dream, with diverse museums, gorgeous colonial architecture and Caribbean weather all combining into one of the greatest cities you can visit in South America. Just spend your days wandering the cobbled streets, dipping into museums, and relaxing, and you won’t go far wrong.


Day 11-14 – Santa Marta and surrounding area

For the final days of your trip, head along the coast to Santa Marta: the city is the 2nd oldest in South America, and is full-to-bursting with museums and history. Also in the surrounding SIerra Nevada de Santa Marta are wonderful opportunities to get to know the indigenous side of Colombia’s history, with many companies offering tours into the mountains to learn more about the Kogi indigenous people.


The itinerary will be modified as per your requirement.